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Why this blog took forever to launch

They say getting started is the most difficult part of launching anything new. For this website, it felt true. While I’m a coach and guide people in creating their lives and businesses in their vision, launching this website and blog was one of the most challenging aspects of starting this journey. It’s important for coaches to practice what they preach and here I am writing, yet also criticizing myself and making myself a little wrong for having taken so long to do it.

That’s the funny part about our mechanism…we know we need to take action, we know what those exact actions are, we know there are steps along the way to achieving our goals. Yet knowing has nothing to do with the equation. My reason for taking this long, or should I call it like it is- an excuse - is wanting the site and my writing to be perfect. Like many things in my life, I like for everything to look perfect and be perfect. It’s my way of feeling like I’m in control when in reality, that’s total bullsh*t. If you read my About Me, you may have been introduced to Mousy May (my mechanism alter ego who isn’t self-expressed and only colors between the lines). Mousy May realllly wants you to like her and perfectionism, by nature, stands for people like things that are perfect. And it couldn’t be further from the truth. The more raw and authentic people I meet, the more I realize how perfectionism is only a part of my mechanism that functions to allow me to play it safe, never put myself out there, never get hurt.

Where in your life are you playing it safe? If you had a name for your "IT" that runs the show, what would it be? Respond below...would love to hear from you!